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Thank you for the opportunity to view our website. We are thrilled about the prospect of working with you on your next project. Below you will discover 3 important factors that will define your experience with The Urban Circle.

1. We are great to work with:
The Urban Circle acts as an extension of your department and prides ourselves on being collaborative, transparent and honest. We have experience working with local and state agencies. We understand quick turnaround times, procurement processes, brand management standards and achieving the best price possible. Since our approach is based on one-on-one interaction with the end user we can ensure our client’s time and budget are used effectively.

2. We have over 60 years experience including the help of our partners:

The Urban Circle, has partners that include a nation-wide network of A+ suppliers, merchandise packaging and company store experts. In our industry, 97% of companies sell commodities. This percentage is high because most promotional items companies just sell merchandise with a company logo on it. At The Urban Circle, we believe that it does not end there. The real results come from the comprehensive tools that work to attract and retain a target audience. The Urban Circle is an integrated marketing company that utilizes many tools that include promotional merchandise, printed collateral, packaging and creative concepts. While we have the capability of selling these individually, one of our greatest strengths is having the ability to combine all of these tools in a meaningful way.

3. Best value as a partner:
Maximize and explore all that we have to offer. This includes developing programs that incentivize staff, reward years of service, enhance your retention and recruiting efforts; to institution rebates, access to closeout specials and special packaging from various suppliers and millions of items. Allow us to manage your institution's brand, compete for business of all sizes and ease the procurement process by utilizing our co-op purchasing agreement. 
The Urban Circle does not compete on price. We consider several factors when developing a quote. When a quote is provided, it encompasses price, quality, service and value added-features. At any given time these categories can change for our customers, and our quotes adapt to your situation. Request a quote today and see how competitive our prices are.

Allow us to do the same for you. We look forward to building relationships not just transactions.


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