Welcome To The Urban Circle LLC

With over five years experience in providing measurable results for its clients, The Urban Circle goes beyond traditional promotional item companies. Our mission is to utilize our resources as a tool to reach our clients’ goals, provide solutions and increase brand awareness. Our goal is to educate our partners with the best methods and practices on how to use these tools to attract and retain a target demographic in a unique, targeted and memorable way.

The Urban Circle is an integrated marketing company that utilizes many that include promotional merchandise, printed collateral, packaging and creative concepts. While we can provide these items separately,  one of our greatest strengths is having the  skill to combine all of these tools in an impactful way.

Allow us to do the same for you. We look forward to building relationships not just transactions.



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Customer Reviews

We received positive complements from a professional printing company on our micro-fiber cleaning cloth because of the fine details in our logo.”   

  • Tom Petty, Harris
  • Fire Marshal - Outreach Coordinator
  • Sep 07, 2018