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The Urban Circle is an integrated marketing company that utilizes promotional merchandise, printed collateral, packaging and creative concepts. While we can provide these items separately, one of our greatest strengths is having the skill to combine all of these tools in an impactful way.


Our Story

Every day, we go to work hoping to do two things: understand our customer needs by listening and giving our customers the same excellent service experience every time. It was true when we first opened, and it’s just as true today.

When we began, the company was a small fish in a big pond. We struggled to find our niche in the marketplace. In our industry, 97% of companies sell commodities. This percentage is high because it is easy to sell merchandise with a company logo on it. At The Urban Circle, we believe that it does not end there. The real results come from the comprehensive tools that work to attract, engage and retain a target audience. 

One of our core values is trust. We assure our customers that we will give them our time, attention, and persistence to their needs. We are more than just an online shopping experience, we are a team that gives you new marketing solutions to showcase your brand.

Now, after 15 years The Urban Circle goes beyond traditional promotional items companies by providing measurable results for its clients. Our goal is to educate our partners with the best methods and practices on how to use these tools to attract and retain a target demographic in a unique, targeted and memorable way.

All About Branding

Every brand tells a story. So, why not have your brand – your story – on a product that your customers will cherish. With our high-quality printing process, we make sure that your logo looks pristine every time. Want to see for yourself? Look for 'Create Virtual Sample' below the product image on the product page and see a virtual sample of what your product will look like with your logo!


Trust -

we build trust by being reliable and response



Transparent -

We are honest with our customers even when the odds are not in our favor. 


Customer Service Driven -

We deliver excellent service to one customer at a time. 


Passionate -

It is more than business it is personal. 


Resourceful -

Your success is produced by more than The Urban Circle. We have a team of resources across the world to produce what you expect. 


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