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Recruitment Programs
Programs that are designed to open doors of opportunity and show, highlight and accentuate a company, their products and services in an effort to attract new talent.

Brand Awareness Programs
Programs to elevate a company or individuals brand awareness in a given sector or market space. Programs can include but are not limited to re-brand of an existing company, development of multiple levels of integrated collateral to include: logos, marketing materials, social media and websites etc.

Consumer Programs
Programs to improve sales or introduce products, programs or services specifically to consumers. The type of activity should be measurable, but does not need to be revenue-specific and should include a quantifiable audience or element of participation.

Educational Programs
Programs to promote attendance or participation in an educational event, seminar or training program that facilitate instruction and specific learning outcomes; event can be live or online.

Health/Wellness Programs
Campaigns with messaging specific to a communication, launch, invitation, etc. and information, programs and services specific to health and wellness activities. Target audience is open.

Tradeshow Traffic Programs
Programs designed to increase attendance or participation at/in special events that do not include an educational focus and that are held live or online


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Retention Programs
Programs that are designed to create a top of mind experience to further promote the features and benefits of a company with the purpose of retaining top talent in an organization.

Business-to-Business Programs
Programs to introduce products, services or facilities or to generate leads, sales appointments, attendance with a specific target audience or a general businesses marketing campaign to businesses.

Diversity Programs
Recognizes programs designed to recruit, retain and promote persons from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds or programs to enhance employee sensitivity, knowledge and understanding of the various ethnicities and cultures within a company environment.

Employee Incentive Programs
A program designed to change behavior, generate involvement, incent achievement of goals or desired behavior with a specific award, or incentive for achievement of the defined goal by the defined employee audience. Programs with targeted audience of employee sales staff, external sales force, dealers, franchisees and retailers for the purpose of growing prospect or customer base and increasing sales or distribution, launching new product or general visibility.

International Programs
Programs and campaigns that creatively demonstrate the use of promotional products across multicultural audiences. Write-up must include description of audience and any special considerations that were required—i.e., unique customs or traditions to be included or omitted.


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