Case Study – 1:

"Thanks for Penciling Me In..." Campaign

Case Study 1


To develop a personalized, inexpensive, low minimum marketing piece that would help sales representatives get in the doors of prospects beyond the traditional 2% average.

Execution & Strategy:

A unique marketing piece was designed with the theme, 'Thanks For Penciling Me ln...'. On the packaging, an image of a day planner was featured with the individual salespersons name printed in the 9:30 am time slot, ie. ' is calling today...IMPORTANT'. The piece also contained the salesperson's business card, a Pencil and a 3 x 3 sticky note pad featuring the copy 'Thanks for Penciling Me ln...". The pieces were systematically sent out to prospects, and salespeople followed up at the time indicated on the piece.

Overall Results:

The client's sales team reported an amazing 73% appointment rate on average, and the program has been repeated nearly 14 times. In addition, many of the clients' prospects not only made appointments, but became clients and used the same piece to market their respective companies. This program is ongoing and continues to be one of the most successful campaigns ever implemented.


Case Study – 2: 


Case Study – 3:

Welcome Kit for Incoming Freshmen  

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