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Urban Circle is first Minority-Owned and Small Business Enterprise. We specialize in producing integrated marketing merchandise and is located in Houston TX. TUC opened for business in 2006 with owner J. Brown Henderson taking a leap of faith to follow his dream.

The vision was to empower customers with tools and solutions to overcome their challenges and reach their goals. Through perseverance and positivity the company has been awarded repeated contracts from local, state and national companies.

TUC has a customer-first attitude and believes reputation over profits always wins. Solid growth in business has allowed the company to expand with an ever-growing multi-state and international team.


Our Story

Every day, we go to work hoping to do two things: understand our customer needs by listening and giving our customers the same excellent service experience every time. It was true when we first opened, and it’s just as true today.

When we began, the company was a small fish in a big pond. We struggled to find our niche in the marketplace. In our industry, 97% of companies sell commodities. This percentage is high because it is easy to sell merchandise with a company logo on it. At The Urban Circle, we believe that it does not end there. The real results come from the comprehensive tools that work to attract, engage and retain a target audience. 

One of our core values is trust. We assure our customers that we will give them our time, attention, and persistence to their needs. We are more than just an online shopping experience, we are a team that gives you new marketing solutions to showcase your brand.

Now, after 15 years The Urban Circle goes beyond traditional promotional items companies by providing measurable results for its clients. Our goal is to educate our partners with the best methods and practices on how to use these tools to attract and retain a target demographic in a unique, targeted and memorable way. 


Paying It Forward

Giving to the community is a value TUC believes strongly in! Opening their doors and minds to share business and life experiences fuels positive change within the community. The company’s own Head Start Program consults with small businesses and college entrepreneurs to assist in overcoming any obstacles in the path of young business owners.

TUC also volunteers time with the Alvin Independent School District Marketing and Business Program Cluster, Texas Southern University School of Business, State HUB Mentor Protégé Program and PPAI Local Advocacy Industry. The company creates impressions in advertising but more notable impressions on lives.


Five Core Values:

Trust - We build trust by being reliable and responsive

Transparent - We are honest with our customers even when the odds are not in our favor. 

Customer Service Driven - We deliver excellent service to one customer at a time. 

Passionate - It is more than business it is personal. 

Resourceful - Your success is produced by more than The Urban Circle. We have a team of resources across the world to produce what you expect. 


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