Started from the Bottom, Now We Here

  • Dec 14, 2020

The Urban Circle is unveiling our new logo!


Imagine this: you’ve decided to start a business of your own. You probably feel excitement—and more than a little fear. After all, the steps you take next will determine the course of your professional life for the foreseeable future—and perhaps define your entire career.


Fifteen years ago, J. Brown Henderson was in just this position. He had decided to start a company of his own and landed his first client, Dirty 3rd records. Choosing the right name meant a lot! After all, naming your business is one of your best chances to communicate who you are and what you value to the outside world, and the language you choose will remain a critical part of your brand identity.


Thankfully, Brown found a name that perfectly captured the values and philosophy of the company he would go on to build. 


This was the birth of The Urban Circle.


Our logo before our rebrand

About the Brand

The Urban Circle started as a scrappy little underdog operation. Now, we’re all grown up—and we’ve decided to revamp our logo.


Our name

Don’t worry—we’re keeping our name. It’s a huge part of who we are. “Urban” is about diversity and that scrappy, underdog mentality, and “Circle” emphasizes the importance of our community and the resources we have to offer. Our name speaks to both our roots and our values. 

Our colors

We’re also keeping our original colors. Our palette uses the CMYK colors: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. These are the colors used in art and design to create every other shade that exists—from aubergine to cerulean to chartreuse. Cool, right?

We chose this palette to represent one of the things that makes The Urban Circle different: we believe in seeing the potential in everything. In fact, we don’t just see potential, we pride ourselves in helping find and create it, both for ourselves and for our customers. 


Our imagery

But there’s one piece we knew we wanted to change up: the splotches in our logo. They represent the CMYK colors, but they also were a perfect representation of The Urban Circle when we started—all over the place, without clarity on how we were different from other promotional products distributors out there.  


Over the years the pieces started to fall into place. As we built our relationships and our knowledge grew, we became clearer on how we could help our customers and stand out from the rest. And we also learned that at the end of the day, we all support each other. 


Enter: the use of circles in our updated logo.


They show how we’re all a part of one larger, inclusive partnership. We added a lot of meaning to our logo this time around, with each circle highlighting the most important parts of our real-life circles—our team, our resources, our community, and our clients. 

Our tagline

Our previous tagline “creating circles of impression” was created knowing that our clients wanted to express their brand and initiatives to their customers. But as we listened more and truly understood our clients, we figured out it was more than just expressing their brand that they needed—it was impressing that was important to them. 


In the promotional products industry, impress means to emboss—leaving an impression. Our updated tagline “Creating Impressions” encompasses the connection between those two major parts of our business.


Our goal has always been to add that special wow factor to every project, but now it’s a clear part of our branding. 


Our core

We believe that any one item or any one campaign can be the catalyst for something great: a new partnership, a new business relationship, or a fresh idea that changes your relationship with the world.


As brand consultants and advocates, we partner with you to make sure that every project tells a story, and that every story supports the larger narrative of your brand.


As we like to say, “You never sell items. You sell solutions.”


Our new logo reflects not just where we started, but who we’ve become—a diverse, savvy, and resourceful group of professionals with a growing network of valued business partners—and music still at our roots. 

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